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Landscaping Gardening Health - Your garden blueberry plants is easy and delicious

Grow Your Own blueberry plants and plant foods easy and delicious EST

ONE IS Landscaping The creative and exciting way, some kind of powder-Eyed "for your garden produce, créer, or our own private away from the creation of the world. A pesticide is that CE or UN court Can lush landscape intimate courtyard créer intimate the United Nations Design, Sami definition or the character of your home.

Many people use landscaping QuickList mainly of ornamentals, but an edible landscaping to other traditional residential landscapes in Quebec offer you see in most home settings. Edible landscapes can not catchy, sometimes more Sami and produce an edible crop pay your domestic use. It is possible to completely edible fruit créer a court who is nice to see, or you can simply give integrated Who You plant some beautiful color, and some delicious edible.

Anyone who tolerates CET article sera center on blueberry production of charm and UN wide range of soil and climate, EST easily maintained, it can converted planted in almost every part of payers, and a magnificent offer premium balls. Blueberry plants can not understand how to provide the succulent juicy balls, they are excellent you pay for your health, a delicious bright red leaves add purple in the fall and spring flowers in a slightly aromatic.

You've probably seen the news on the Internet, or perhaps on television in Quebec Studies CES Research shows blueberries brief comment UNO simple production Health incredible advantages. Blueberries are tearing at the top of the food chain antioxidant Who of the UN on the main producers of natural antioxidants. If you have the pleasure of eating blueberries a lot because I'm straight and creating delicious dishes in a natural healthy ingredients, Quebec, a few blueberry bushes home landscaping your garden or add attractive interest factor UN.

Why Grow Your Own Blueberries

lors blueberries shopping market can be expensive, but perhaps really tighten UN price on your health? Most people train to become integrated in their expensive little gems sprinkle on cereal in the morning, or in a slide dough, but if it is not in your budget is not big on one of you top antioxidants for health.

Bought The problem with most shops, blueberries is that they very early picking and It affects your taste. "As the ball in fresh plants gathered over the years, there's really no comparison with the delicious sweet berries, which are your most important, and get off at the mouth followed by the omnipresent ... Ummmmm - Do you can not allow to escape the savior, EST its taste so good.

Some students prices, bad taste, bought fruit store pesticide load

If you're like me, maybe you are to pay high prices in Quebec grocery bills Tired fade Pour blueberries. It does not help, who produced most cultures Commercial Risk UN consumption of pesticides. It documents a nominal summer working in Quebec blueberries are grown, reflecting classically levels near the bottom of the list of the working environment in fruit and vegetables, the load, the more pesticides, BUT who Hazardous use every day?

I think it was six years that I save Five UN Growth In Quebec blueberry hatched plan, and ONLY with not paying me money in the market, but selected a small fee to the fruit that was grown naturally preserved, and I personally Summit maturity Pour a better taste evaluated. Me did not look back, and not a prisoner of the United Nations to buy too much given all the chemically treated many berries in my garden Great House.

Landscaping with blueberry

This is a shrub used edible landscape Amazing advantages on health and beauty, and more people should include in their plans for landscaping.

May blueberry production color very good infrastructure, and texture to your landscaping, but the first decision on the planters EST Where your plants in the garden of blueberries?

Blueberry plants are not only their investment Pour juicy fruits pour too, but their qualities landscape aesthetics. The bushes are producers of fruit, are his beautiful plants Also make your landscaping. Most specialists landscape in Quebec informers landscaping, you can significantly improve the real value of your home and property, but then your life, you can also enjoy the Pardon the pun, "the fruits of your labor.

If the existing UN guards, must be aware of the requirements of the blueberry plants. Here you will find all the information you need to get do not grow blueberries, plums, blueberries, blueberry plants and plant types privilege blueberries on our website.

As proposed by the creators of the host plant landscape?

You can effectuer Landscaping most pleasing to the eye in the selection of plant varieties, many colorful flowers, shrubs, trees and shrubs of different heights, widths and sizes.

Planting shrubs wrong without proper planning, you could one of the hard work of the transplant, or dig up your plants later. you do not want to do that, believe me! Planning is the key UN high landscaping.

Why not try to beat to get to the Prime Minister? Sit down with a paper s, and plan where you want plants, the height and width of plants in Quebec You are planting the species of plants and their requirements for light, soil and their needs and at the end, which is another attractive landscape to make way for the coming years.

Blueberry plants grow at different heights, and produce fruit at different times of the season. UN Reduces Plant numbers of different types of shrubs pollination Who May and shift production of fruit can source A wonderful, summer and autumn with delicious fruits make delicious cause muesli, jam, pancakes, cakes, pies, Well and More.

Creating Edible Landscape save plenty Not more flexibility in Quebec most of the pictures, and the possibility of money, offers the advantages of the winning health, beautify your house THUS Quebec. More people should be, including edible plants in their landscaping plans will benefit, and.

Healthy and hearty lentil soup vegetarian lasagna

I made this recipe several years ago, when my family and I have tested various aspects of vegetarianism. I missed my Italian dishes such as lasagna and so I'm experimenting with some of our favorite dishes started, and I came with lentil lasagna. I know that the lens does not look very appetizing, lasagne, but it is actually quite tasteful and packed with protein and fiber.


1 pound lasagna

£ 1 bag of lentils

1 small onion

2 garlic cloves

3 cups marinara sauce

8 ounces ricotta cheese

1 egg

½ cup Parmesan cheese

1 pounds mozzarella

Sea salt to taste

Marinara Sauce Recipe

5:03 lbs firm but ripe tomatoes Roma

6 garlic cloves

6 or 7 leaves fresh basil or 2 tablespoons dried basil teaspoon

2 pounds spaghetti or noodles Favorites

Sea salt

Extra virgin olive oil

Parmesan, freshly grated

1) In a saucepan, sauté garlic in olive oil ¼ cup

2) Add chopped tomatoes and cook for five minutes

Reduce 3) The heat to medium low, add a lid and simmer 5 minutes tomatoes

4) Add sea salt to taste and remove basil fire


1st Prepare the lentils according to package directions statement.

2nd Prepare noodles according to package directions statement.

3rd Develop a marinara sauce, top with the recipe.

4th Grate the cheese and set aside.

5th Mix 8 oz container of ricotta cheese with egg and 1 teaspoon basil, set aside.

6th Sauté onion and garlic cooked in a little olive oil Add the lentils and drained with 1 / 2 cup marinara sauce. Season with salt and pepper. Set aside.

It is now time to build the lasagna. It really does not matter in what order you layer the ingredients, but always with lentils beginning and end of the last layer with 1 cup marinara sauce and at least half the mozzarella and Parmesan.

Get your largest pan and oil the bottom and sides with olive oil.
Add 1 cup marinara sauce in bottom of pan, spread evenly. Layer some of the noodles in the pan. Add half of the lenses on the pasta, spreading it evenly. Add ¼ cup each of the three types of cheese, then ½ cup marinara sauce. are layers of construction as long as you continue to have the ingredients, ending with sauce and cheese.

Bake in the oven at 350 degrees for a half hour and enjoy. Simply delicious!

Canned salmon as a healthy alternative for women everywhere

Every woman in America, is probably almost up to his ears in the information on the benefits of seafood - particularly salmon. The sea is the key to a number of advantages in the field presented by a heart healthy brain function in the skin radiant. Low in calories and saturated fat, but rich in protein and omega-3 essential fatty acids. The health benefits of salmon are infinite - something that we as women know.

But this healthy seafood in our diet can sometimes be difficult. Fresh salmon may be expensive for a working girl who lives on noodles and rice. In a restaurant, then the first pull salmon eye - should be abandoned for a cheeseburger or Chicken. Moms can be difficult to persuade children to "eat fish smell of food, and they simply can not devote enough time to what by many as a delicate seafood.

Fortunately, however, solves Alaska canned salmon, many of these problems. With much the same health and nutritional benefits of fresh salmon, canned salmon is much easier to manage and much cheaper.

Alaska canned salmon contains four times the amount of omega-3 are in other programs. He probably has 20 times the amount of calcium in similar products. No additives or preservatives, except a little salt can be sure that all women canned salmon is the right choice.

Alaska salmon is canned salmon is made of high quality and a pure natural product. It includes skin and soft, edible bones - a result of its high calcium. Without skin and bones canned salmon is also available.

Both pink and sockeye salmon are canned. The variety is a pink colored and has a sweet taste. Sockeye salmon, on the other side has a much more intense flavoring and color. They are equally nutritious and should be chosen according to your taste.

Alaska salmon is canned a great addition to a number of courts. It can be used at a party or a bathroom for a drink in a sandwich or a salad for lunch. It can spice up even the food and can be used for stir-fries, tacos, chili and more.

Gals, you need not worry about obtaining the promises glowing skin salmon consumption. With Alaska canned salmon, you can simply adapt this fish in your diet, budget and schedule.

How to choose healthy foods

Most of us, the benefits of a balanced diet and a healthy diet. But in the awareness of the benefits is only half the solution. They must also know how to food to choose the best for your health. Depending on your daily routine, you can or can not eat at home most of the time.

Start your day with a healthy and balanced breakfast. Studies have shown that people who do not eat a hearty breakfast of carbohydrate snacks throughout the day tend to look, and are more likely to gain weight.

Food at home is usually more time includes preparation of meals is important because the manufacture of a good meal takes time, much more than just eating some junk food. If you can afford to prepare meals at home, which can significantly increase the quality of the meals, you can decide not only what you eat, but you can choose how it is cooked, and choose your quality products themselves.

Every meal you eat, whether at home or from all basic food groups that balance between protein, starch, vegetable and green space is key to a healthy diet. Your body needs all the different food groups in order to function properly, balancing your meals, your health and your life guaranteed.

The choice of food that you eat is based simply on the label in the supermarket is not always the best choice. Of course, a diet treated with low fat or version of a favorite snack or dessert can be a better option than the regular version, but this is the best option. Are you looking for healthier alternatives for snacking between meals, low fat cereal bars and natural products, fruits and juices. This is not how much you eat but what you eat that makes the difference.

Avoid fatty foods and foods with lots of sugar is also very important. Choose foods that are baked instead of fried foods, and this takes healthier alternative cooking at home as well.

When away from home and food, the search for healthy alternatives. Fast-food deals quickly benefits, but often with no real nutritional value. Ordering unnecessary calories you just fill, but you will soon discover that you are still hungry, and this can often lead to a vicious circle, leading to high consumption of junk food a day. Select full meal, whenever possible, find whole wheat bread and organic products whenever you can. If you race and need to eat as quickly as possible, look for healthier alternatives to hot dogs and hamburgers. Try to be natural sandwiches on site, there are many natural fast food can be just as fast as traditional, while offering much better quality in your diet.

Pistachios - Pistachios are reasons why such a healthy snack

Sie wissen bereits, Pistazien sind köstlich, aber wussten Sie, sie sind eines der gesündesten Snacks essen Sie oder benutzen kann? Werfen Sie einen genaueren Blick auf, warum diese Nüsse sind nicht nur gut, sondern gut für dich ...

Pistazie Versatile

Wenn Sie ein Fan von Gourmet-Nüsse sind, haben Sie wahrscheinlich in Pistazien ausgeliefert. So gut wie sie schmecken, kann diese Früchte mehr in der Küche verwendet werden, als die tatsächliche Snacks.

Pistazien sind oft in Desserts verwendet, weil sie ein ausgezeichnetes Aroma und Textur in Kontrast von süßen Leckereien wie Eis geben, Kekse und Kuchen. Sie dienen dazu, Salaten garniert und unter Rühren braten, große Küche. Sie sind weicher als jede andere Mutter, und gleichzeitig eine leicht knusprige Textur. Ihr Geschmack ist reich, nussig und leicht süßlich, was wahrscheinlich ist, warum sie auf fast jeden ansprechen.

Pistazien sind auf Bäumen gewachsen, vor allem in Kalifornien und dem Land der Türkei. Obwohl beide Sorten ähnlich sind (California und der Türkei), ist der Geschmack etwas anders. Die türkische Auswahl ist oft nur ein wenig größer und hat einen nussigen Geschmack stärker ausgeprägt. Beide Typen sind allgemein zugänglich, aber wenn Sie Schwierigkeiten haben die türkischen Pistazien, finden Sie diese Spezialität bei Online-Händlern zu finden.

Gesundheit Pistazien

Alle Muttern sind überraschend gut für Sie, und Pistazien sind keine Ausnahme. Erstens sind sie eine der niedrigsten Kaloriengehalt Nüsse. Wie bei anderen Nüssen enthalten sie Fett, aber es ist nicht gesättigt, das "gute" Fette.

In Bezug auf Vitamine und Mineralstoffe enthalten diese viele, dass Nüsse sind unerlässlich für eine gute allgemeine Gesundheit. Proteine und Ballaststoffe, oben auf der Liste, beide sind für die Energieerzeugung und die Verdauung unerlässlich.

Im Anschluss an das Eisen, das ist gut für gesunde Knochen und Muskeln ist. Sie enthalten auch gesunde Mengen von Magnesium, die Herzkrankheiten und Bekämpfung bestimmter Arten von Krebs, insbesondere Prostatakrebs hilft. Kalium ist ein anderes Mineral gefunden in Nüssen.

Nüsse sind oft als Snack Favorit für Herz-Patienten zu empfehlen, da die gesamte Kombination von Mineralien und Antioxidantien den Kreislauf und die Durchblutung zu verbessern helfen. Noch wichtiger ist, ist die Art von Fett gefunden in Pistazien und anderen Nüssen ähnlich dem, was Sie in Olivenöl, dessen Nutzen für die Gesundheit sind gut dokumentiert finden.

Kann ich im Kühlschrank lagern oder einfrieren Pistazien?

Die Aufschlüsselung sehen Sie in der Schale einer Pistazien bedeutet es verfeinert wird. Die Muscheln öffnen natürlich, wenn sie aufgrund der Ernte sind. Wenn Sie die Muttern der Schale, können Sie bis zu drei Monate oder für ein Jahr einfrieren im Kühlschrank lagern. Wir empfehlen, dass Sie in einer wiederverschließbaren Tüte lagern.

Sie können auch ausgelöst Pistazien im Kühlschrank aufzubewahren, aber nicht einfrieren. Dies könnte die Struktur verändern und vielleicht Geschmack.

Aber ehrlich gesagt, Pistazien schmecken so gut, aber nur selten erreichen die langfristige Lagerung. Aufgrund ihrer guten Geschmack und zahlreiche gesundheitliche Vorteile, ist es nicht verwunderlich!

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Vegan diet and nutrition - How to stay healthy and vegan diet

The vegan cuisine is not unlike a diet of meat cooking. Meat eaters, many people think that by going to vegetables, "Eat decisions. However, it is generally the opposite - they are usually vegans are more exposed to new foods and new flavors, they never knew whether they are a had diet of meat stuck.

There are many simple and easy to use vegan recipes can be found in books and on the Internet. You can even edit with meat dishes are vegan-friendly! There are also many dairy products and egg substitutes available to help with the cooking and baking.

However, to avoid unnecessary danger of a vegan diet, and as with all diets, it is important that you needed all the vitamins and minerals for a healthy lifestyle. Vegan Vitamins can also be taken to supplement your diet if you think you are missing.

Below we list some of the vitamins and minerals, the new vegan source and otherwise difficult to replace.

Important for cell growth and maintenance.

Some good protein sources for vegans:

* Pulses, eg peas, lentils, beans;
* Soy products, for example, soy flour, soy milk;
* The seeds, for example, sunflower seeds;
* Nuts, for example, hazelnuts, cashews, Brazil nuts and almonds;
* Vegetables such as seaweed, broccoli, soinchach, raves and others;
* Whole grains, such as flour and whole wheat bread, brown rice.

An average person needs about. 1 gram of protein per kilogram of body weight per day. For example, if you weigh 70 kg, then, 70 grams of protein per day.

"The combination of sources such as hemp, rice and peas, a powerful amino acid profile for improved biomechanical efficiency. Robert Cheeke, vegan body builder.

Vitamin B-12
Necessary for blood formation and maintenance of nerve cells.

Some good sources of vitamin B-12 for a vegan diet:

* Chlorella;
* The enriched yeast extracts, such as nutritional yeast;
* Soy milk;
* For the non-dairy margarine;
* Vegetarian Burger;
* Meals from hemp / bars;
* Some beverages in bottles;
* The vitamin supplements.

recommended intake of vitamin B12 is 2.4 micrograms per day. Deficiencies in vitamin B12 can lead to many health problems and problems such as anemia, dementia, depression, nerve damage and much more.

"B12 is found primarily in animal products. Why? Because vitamin B12 comes from our soil. If a cow, for example, chomp on the grass, eating the ground enriched with vitamin B12 ... Today, our food is generally much he by the time to our business was clean, and then we still clean our own kitchen. Goodbye B12. Sassy, VeganCoach

Gate of oxygen in the blood, making energy for the organism to survive and stay healthy.

Some good sources of iron for vegetarians:

Seeds *;
* Nuts;
Legumes *;
Grains *;
* Dried fruit;
* Molasses;
* The plants of the sea / green leafy vegetables;
* Parsley.

recommended intake of iron is 8 milligrams (mg) per day.

Required for bone health in adults and growth of bones in children.

Some good sources of calcium for vegans:

* Molasses;
Seeds *;
* Nuts;
* Carob;
* Legumes, for example soy beans, tofu, beans, miso, fermented soybean curd;
* Parsley;
* Dried figs;
* Plant the sea;
* Cereal, oatmeal, for example;
* Fortified soy milk.

recommended calcium intake is 1000 mg per day.

Necessary for a healthy immune system and immune system. Zinc is important for healthy skin and helps to heal wounds. It is also an important component of many enzyme reactions.

Some good sources of zinc for vegetarians:

* Pumpkin seeds;
* Beans;
Seeds *;
* Nuts;
* The lenses;
* Yeast;
holegrain grain *.

recommended zinc intake is 40 mg per day.

Essential fatty acids
Necessary for the body to absorb vitamins A, D, E and K. regulates the metabolism of cholesterol from the body and keeps the cell membranes.

Omega 6 and Omega-3 are the only two polyunsaturated fatty acids that your body can not synthesize.

Omega-6 (linoleic acid)

Vegetables *;
Fruit *;
* Nuts;
Grains *;
Seeds *;
* Oils from safflower oil, sunflower oil, corn, soy candles, night, squash, wheat germ, hemp seeds.

Omega 6 recommended intake is 12 (women) - 17 (men) grams per day.

Omega 3 (alpha-linolenic acid)

* Green leafy vegetables;
Grains *;
* Spirulina;
* Flax seed (linseed)
* Mustard seeds;
* Pumpkin seeds;
* Soybeans;
Walnut oil *;
* Oils from flaxseed (linseed), rapeseed (canola), soy and hemp.

Omega-3 recommended intake is 1.1 (women) - 1.6 (men) grams per day.

Important Note: It is always advisable, a dietician, to ensure your body receives consult all he needs and to overcome their fears of risk that you may have with your new lifestyle and vegan diet.

Healthy Eating Tips for active women

Make healthy eating a part of your life can be a difficult challenge if you are a woman who are with demanding professional and personal obligations works. There is a similar story for many women to go with a cup of coffee with some biscuits work was in a hurry or jam and toast, two cups of coffee or tea in the office, lunch is usually consumed with friends or customers, or sandwiches or trains from a fast food restaurant. Another cup of coffee in the evening with a cake or cookies will be shared with colleagues, perhaps followed by a small bar of chocolate to get rid of these crawling gnawing feelings of irritability. Dinner is often ordered from a restaurant because you cook plays truant and you are too tired to cook. Sound like anyone you know?

Of course, you can master a juggling multiple tasks and time, but when it comes to a healthy balanced diet, fall back, most of us short of expectations. Of course, ready to eat food packets or frozen foods does not seem very tempting, they are convenient and time saving. But unfortunately, most packaged and processed foods are full of sugar, preservatives and little or no nutritional value. Result? Weight gain, difficulty concentrating, restlessness, irritability, lack of energy, hyperactivity, allergies, frequent colds, ear pain and cravings. So, eat what the people busy?

Ironically, the busier, the more crucial it is for you to eat healthy. And a healthy diet should not be too long .... To use what takes a certain awareness and planning. I am posting some healthy eating tips for working women.

Tips for eating on your desktop

The cost for the lunch to the computer and eat at the table when reading mail, receive calls or mixing of materials is among those who are often overloaded. But this is usually with its own set of health problems. Since you no longer occupied by the post and not the food, you tend to eat too much. In addition, it takes an hour to get up from the chair, the interaction with colleagues and movement is essential to your members. It is therefore advisable to look for a place other than your canteen, a cafeteria, a restaurant or even your friend eat in the office. If you do not break, however, can try a dinner, which is of moderate size and needs your attention to organize. Have chappatis with vegetables or rice and beans, rather than a sandwich or a Franky. Carry salads, nuts, fruit, cereal and yogurt, crackers as snacks on hand when your meal is Promenade, will be delayed if possible. Walk to the cooler, distribution or copying, rather than on your desk in the office for the support. Eat with a friend, to break the monotony of work, refresh themselves and also to improve your productivity and efficiency. Do not make it a daily habit.

Tips for eating on the go

A restaurant, the fish supply is a good choice. Choose dishes, grilled, baked, grilled, can stewed or grilled. Demand that the food in less oil and sauces, toppings, sauces and cheese are served cooked separately. You may have one made of olive oil and vinegar dressing. If you avoid a Sizzler on French fries and sauce, soup, when those who are corn, cream and white sauce and adjust according to the clear soup avoided. Even whole grain bread instead of white bread. Have Tandoori rotis instead of naan and dals, no additional coating of butter or tadka. Avoid fried foods and sugar completely.

Tips for making smart food choices

An optimal diet consists of fresh foods that are rich in complex carbohydrates and fiber, low fat, salt and sugar, moderate in protein. Eat more fruits, vegetables, legumes and whole grains and reduce your intake of simple carbohydrates such as refined sugar, Maida and alcohol, they are rich in calories and low nutritional value. Limit caffeine and reduce salt intake: create 1-2 cups of coffee per day, for anything which could cause your adrenal glands and stress out of your body anxiety, insomnia and a racing heartbeat. Instead of using green tea, lime water or buttermilk. Food you eat in a relaxed atmosphere, slowly and chew Never skip breakfast and eat small meals more often. Plan your purchases at the weekend and if possible prepare batches ready to add more masala (tomato-onion paste, ginger-garlic paste), or even already-cut vegetables.

Time, habit and convenience probably determine your eating habits. But it is certain that if you plan your daily meals in advance, a healthy and energetic is just around the corner. Take the plunge and be healthy!